The Susan Hepburn Clinic

A World Leading Authority on Weight Loss, Smoking and Addiction

Susan Hepburn is an accredited Life Coach and is a world leading authority on weight loss and addictions working mainly between the States, Europe and London's Harley Street. Susan Hepburn has over 30 years experience of treating clients with weight problems, smoking and addiction problems. She has worked with individuals and corporate clients and A listers.

A-listers Flock to Susan Hepburn for Her Discreet Service

A-listers flock to Susan Hepburn for her discreet service and no nonsense approach mixed with immense empathy, her passion for helping others is evident. 

Her Method Has Been Featured on Many TV and Radio Shows

Susan has been invited as a guest on many TV and radio shows to discuss her weight loss techniques and more recently to discuss her books, 'Hypnodiet' and 'F*** Diets'.

I want to change my life, I want to take control,
Susan Hepburn can help that change.
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