Summer is just around the corner (although we’ll likely be spending it locked up!) so many of us are thinking of ways to get in shape. Are you dreading the endless calorie counting and unappetising piles of leafy greens? Don’t worry, there are other, less conventional, ways to get fit.

Here, are 5 unique ways to get your summer body.

  1. Exercise mindfully – while you exercise, pay close attention to your muscles and the feelings in your body. You’ll find that the results are much more powerful when you give focused attention to your workout, and your mind will feel more relaxed, too.
  2. Need to lose some weight? – my simple yet radical weight loss hypnotherapy programme has been used to help hundreds of clients – A-list celebs and regular folk alike. If you want to gain control of your eating habits and build a healthier relationship with food, this is the perfect place to start.
  3. Do... nothing – science has shown that rest is equally as important as exercise. Muscle builds when exercise tears the muscle down but, without that recovery time, your muscles can’t increase in size or strength. Your body will see faster results if you allow for plenty of recovery time.
  4. No more counting calories – although calories play a big role in weight loss, don’t allow them to become a fixation. Focus on the nutritional value of foods rather than the amount of calories they contain, as this is a far more accurate way to understand what you’re putting into your body.
  5. Mirror, mirror – studies have shown that if you imagine yourself the size you want to be, you will work towards this 'visual image' in your minds eye' and then it becomes a reality in the mirror. Strange – but true!


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