Georgia lost 9 stones with the Susan Hepburn Weight Loss programme.

EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Keating, from London, battled anorexia during her teenage years, before 'ballooning' from a size 4 to a size 22 due to issues linked to depression and binge eating. Georgia shifted between anorexic and obese: She was a yo-yo dieter who went from size 4 to 22 over just 12 months. 

Great news ! Georgia is now healthy after overcoming her battle with binge eating through hypnosis with Susan Hepburn.

3 sessions is all it took and Georgia went from 20 stones to 11 stones in just 3.5 months. 


Georgia said, “it was so easy and enjoyable with Susan’s programme and I didn’t have to diet. It was amazingly easy and if I can do it, anyone can”.

I want to change my life, I want to take control,
Susan Hepburn can help that change.
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