Susan Hepburn’s Seminar For Healthy Living - Lose Weight No Diets November 23rd 2018

Join Susan Hepburn at the lavish 5 Star Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge, London on November 23rd 2018

Susan is the author of many best selling books including; ‘Hypnodiet' ‘Hypnoquit’ and 'F*** Diets'. Experience her Exclusive Harley Street & Los Angeles Weight Loss secrets used by A-list celebrities. Susan Hepburn will help you to get slim without dieting … no more diets for you ! ... The Susan Hepburn program is a way to change the way you eat, forever. Join Susan in the BULGARI Hotel and learn how to change your life and achieve your target size.

Susan Hepburn - Life Coach from Harley Street London is a world leading authority on weight loss, addictions and widely accredited with the dramatic transformation of many A-list celebrities - is coming to the Bvlgari Hotel for an exclusive programs.

Weight Loss: 9.00am

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ADDITIONAL INFO: - Extract from one of Susan’s books; best seller ‘Hypnodiet’. The concept of “mindfulness” is central to hypnosis and mindfulness is gathering force as a highly effective psychological tool, both in popular culture and mainstream psychology. Imagery or visualisation is another mind tool used to help in your quest to achieve your target size for example. The way it works, the more you mentally rehearse seeing you as slim, the stronger the neural pathways are and the more success you have. As mindful eating is full of joy and peaceful enjoyment, there are no challenges to mindful eating. Whereas emotional eating is challenging.

The “I can change myself” mentality is prevalent and therefore most people are more receptive to change these days. Through mindfulness you can tap into this notion of an internal revolution: your own power and determination to recapture self-esteem by taking back the controls and eating healthily and ‘mindfully’. Eating when you are hungry and not responding to emotions. Hypnosis is on-trend with its emphasis on building a lasting, healthy and sustainable control over life’s stresses and behaviours which causes overeating and yo-yo dieting. Diet mentality is a quick fix full of deprivation, denial, dread and it is frenetic .... whereas mindful eating is calm ... a lifestyle change and embraced.

There is increasing evidence that both men and women are mindfully paying far more attention to their ‘Body Mastery’ in how fit and healthy they are, coupled with concentrating on how they look. Research has shown that those who exercise regularly and eat healthily have higher levels of body satisfaction. Exercise and healthy, mindful eating are the key to a long life and to avoid serious health complications. Take action - we all have ‘to do’ lists, .... don’t let being fit and healthy be at the bottom of yours. Don’t say ‘I will do it later,’ because you won’t. Don’t respond to your emotions with food, address them, look at them and you will discover you will soon break free from emotional eating.

Susan Hepburn says “Lets face it ... how to lose weight is not rocket science. It’s no secret how to lose those inches and you have all the skills you need, in your mind” Extract from best seller, ‘Hypnodiet’ written by Susan Hepburn published by Little Brown.

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SUSAN HEPBURN  Weight Loss and Stopping Smoking

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